10 things every intern has felt during their internship

MBA students are going through their Summer “Internship” right now, Most of us has gone through this difficult but amazing phase of our life, where we will get to learn so many things and will experience certain funny things as well. Here I have given updates and collection of Funny Quotes Images of Internship every intern would have felt, check out below to witness the felt pain with fun, so here we go. After all life is not matter of Milestones, but of moments.. 🙂

1.The first thing you will get to learn from your Internship is… EXCEL! EXCEL! EXCEL!

funny image oh my god i need help


Except this, you will learn Taking Xeroxes, Printing and lots of Formatting….

2.You can download anything in the world using office W!F! 😀

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giphy (1)


Most of the Torrent history is result of office WiFi

3.No matter what it is, you have to always appreciate your boss



Whether it is related to work or Ellie Goulding’s music album

4.You will get Lots of Free time



No comments… 😀

5.When you are about to leave, you will get new assignment


6.Every other person in the office will give you their Remaining work


7.When you meet your boss


8.There is always one to help you out with your assignment…

funny Help Photo

9.And there is always the one who always boast, whether he knows or not

funny gif


“Chatur” of the Group you can say.. 😛

10. But at the end of the day, you going to miss that precious days…



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