Everything you need to know about PM Narendra Modi’s 8 Days Foreign Tour

Indian Powerful Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is Going to Central Asian Country’s Tour.

Journey places of Narendra Modi’s Foreign Tour:

As per the news, Modi Starts from the Delhi international airport to Ujebikistan. After that he will go to kajikistan and meet officials there. In Between, the July 6-8 Modi will visit these 2 Countries. After that he wants to go for briks and SCO Conference At Where conducted at Central Russia. Then modi will go to Turkeministhan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan countries at July, 10-13 as a visit. Modi will sign on Trade, energy, terrorism eradication, agreements as well in that visit.

Narendra Modi's Foreign Tour image

After years of dilly-dallying, India is finally set to push trade and investment ties with resource-rich Kazakhstan, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi eyeing mining, mineral and oil & gas projects during his two-day trip here beginning on Tuesday, seeking to overcome the geographical advantage that China has in the region.

Well all know that how modi will change India in just a few months, he is proud of our nation, we should give him respect and want to cooperate with Modi. He always like legendary PM and doing many useful things for people of India. Modi was focused on Digital India now a days, so we can expect some digital India related news in Central Asia Visit.

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