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Apple iOS 9 is introduced by Apple at WWDC 2015, and .

As Apple introduced its new operating system as iOS 9 at WWDC 2015, it brings many new features some announced and some are hidden. We will show you here the secret features of Apple. iOS 9 hidden features include new battery savings mode, search option in settings, icloud drive app and few more as under You have to follow every steps which will show below by us. so you will learn how to use by new way.

iOS 9 Secret / Hidden Features

Have a look on new iOS features and settings which are given below:

Battery Saving mode:

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When you put your iPhone face down on a table, it will automatically turn off the screen to save power. It makes control of ambient light and the proximity sensors.

This will help in improving battery life by one more hour in iOS 9 and result you will see. To increases battery life by three hours, switch to Low Power mode, which was found during the Keynote. Low Power mode saves power by limiting network activity and performance; manually fetching emails, disabling Background App Refresh and downloads, reducing Motion and brightness, and reducing network speed. you can enabled via a new Battery menu in the Settings app.

Search in settings app:


As Apple has extended search capabilities in the Settings app, so you can quickly search for the settings rather than navigating through different screens to get to the setting you want to change.

iCloud Drive app:

As Said earlier, iOS 9 involves a new iCloud Drive app, that will suggest the name gives you access to the files stored in your iCloud Drive. It is hidden by default, if you want to enable go via the Settings app (Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Show on Home Screen).

Shift Key:


In iOS 9 made it easier to figure out if you’re typing in caps or lower-case. In this, lower case characters are screened on the keys when Shift key is turned off, and capital letters are displayed when it is turned on. before to iOS 9, capital letters were screened even though Shift key was turned off.

Back to Search/App:

If you use Spotlight to launch an app, then now have a “Back to Search” shortcut at the top left corner in the status bar, which let you go back to Spotlight. This is quite easy, as it conserves you the bother of pressing the Home button, and swiping down again on the Home screen to enter Spotlight.

Furthermore, when you get a Notification, also have a shortcut called “Back to App” by this you switch back to the previous app.

Add Mail Attachment:


To add your attachment file, add from iCloud Drive. When you do new compose by tap and hold in the body section of the window, you will get Attachment option to Insert Photos and Videos.

Passcodes are now 6 digits instead of 4:

In new iOS 9 You will require to use a 6-digit passcode in iOS 9 instead of 4, set your passcode a lot tough to fail crack by anyone. You have to enter 6-digit passcode, its not force you to change but for more secure, you have to set 6 digits passcode instead of lower digits.

These are our new secret features and settings we had discovered in iOS 9. We will continue to update more post as shortly if we spot any new features or alteration.

If you find here something new and useful this information then we look forward to see you again here.

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