Best Piles Home Remedies Treatments & Foods 2016

Details and Updates for Best Piles Home Remedies Treatments & Foods 2016:

Piles is very common disease in today’s young generation as they are not able to take proper fiber rich foods and the fast food eating life style make this scenario worse. So, in order to guide such piles patients, I have written this article for best piles home remedies, piles home treatment, pile home remedies in hindi, telugu, piles treatment home etc etc.

Best Piles Home Remedies

Here I have given some of the coolest and best piles home remedies 2016.

  • The first basi tip for avoiding piles is: try not to sit for hours at a time. But if you have to, take breaks: once every hour, get up and move around for at least five minutes.

    A doughnut-shaped cushion can make sitting more comfortable and ease haemorrhoid pressure and pain.

  • Insert petroleum jelly just inside the anus to make bowel movements less painful.
  • Consider dabbing witch hazel (a soothing anti-inflammatory agent) on irritated haemorrhoids to reduce pain and itching.
  • Resist the temptation to scratch haemorrhoids, as it makes everything worse: the inflamed veins become more irritated; the skin around them becomes damaged; and the itching itself intensifies. Instead, to help reduce swelling and irritation consider using an over-the-counter steroid cream to the skin (not inside the anus – on the outside only) and a cold pack. You might try over-the-counter haemorrhoidal creams for relief from itching.
  • If you need a pain reliever, consider using paracetamol.
  • Bathe regularly to keep the anal area clean, but be gentle: excessive scrubbing, especially with soap, can intensify burning and irritation.
  • Don’t sit on the toilet for more than five minutes at a time, and when wiping, be gentle. If toilet paper is irritating, try dampening it first, or use cotton balls or alcohol-free baby wipes. You may prefer washing yourself and then dabbing the area dry.
  • When performing any task that requires exertion, be sure to breathe evenly. It’s common to hold your breath during exertion, and if you do, you’re straining and contributing to haemorrhoid swelling.


I will be adding  more best home remedies for piles in upcoming days too, kindly stay tuned with us for more updates and information for piles home remedy.

If you have such problems then leave a comment below, I will try to guide you further in this regards.

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