BJP Will Lose Bihar Like Delhi Says AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal

BJP Will Lose Bihar Like Delhi Says AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal:

NEW DELHI, AAP government claim with the Centre, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal attacked by words that BJP will lose the upcoming Bihar polls like how they lost Delhi polls before. AAP govt. was waiting to speak and now get good chance to hit the spot towards BJP.

BJP also not silent into this matter, how they won all previous elections except Delhi, they still have full confidence that this Bihar polls also will win. They don’t have any matter if other parties against them and criticise by speech that they will win or lose Bihar but however Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said Like Delhi, BJP Will Lose Bihar again.

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Like Delhi, BJP Will Lose Bihar, Says AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal
On Friday night, Mr Kejriwal said, “BJP won all elections earlier (Lok Sabha and states) but in Delhi they couldn’t. Everybody thought that they will keep winning but after Delhi now Bihar even says that same change can happen.”

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He also said that some parties and leaders do “poisonous” politics in the name of religion, for Vote.

“We want to do politics of love and sweetness,” the AAP chief said.

“Ever since we have won 67 seats, the Central government is getting sleepless nights. We are in your (public) service for 24 hours. We are fulfilling our promises slowly and slowly,” he added.

Speaking at “Eid Milan Samaroh” hosted by Delhi Transport Minster Gopal Rai, Mr Kejriwal further said, “In the Budget we have made provisions for education for children.

“If we give good education to our children we can even defeat America. We have doubled our budget on education and increased health budget also. We will open 45 new government schools.”

He also emphasised that the “AAP clinic, the poor man’s dispensary, will provide same facilities as Max and Fortis hospital. We will make 25 such dispensaries.”

Mr Kejriwal, who is also AAP convenor, said that the Opposition is trying to restrict them from doing all the work. “Our government is working but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not letting us do that.”

Kejriwal also congratulated all the people present at the function and said, “When we won in Delhi we thought there will be a full stop on the corruption, but despite being in government for five months we have to fight to curb it.”

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