Compare between men and women in education fields

Compare between men and women in education fields:

The level of women’s education in India is much better compared to men, if we see the education record from 2001 to 2011, 116% women passing out graduation or above degrees though men have increased just 65%, also the ratio of women in completing post-graduation is 151% and those who are earning professional and technical degrees are 196%. In 2011, the country had over 68 million people who were graduates or more qualified.

The number of women with teacher’s training graduate degrees increased by 122% while with the degrees of nursing or medical are increased by 157%. However, it is expected because these subjects are dominated by women.

The surprising things are that, these years, women engineers are growing up by 326% comparing to 2001, were only 4.8 lac women engineers and exploded to over the 20 lac now. From many years Engineering field have been dominated by men compared to women, are over 52 lakh men in this profession, more than twice the number of women engineers. We can say that Engineering and other related technological degrees are the most popular courses among the overall courses because most of the students jumped in these courses.

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Compare between men and women in education fields

Most of the women are giving preference to technical education because it helps to get jobs. This is evident from the fact that the number of women with technical diplomas (not degrees) stands at nearly 19 million, up 146% in a decade. Compare this to the non-technical diploma which is held by just 0.34 million (3.4 lakh).

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After serve of 2011, it is proved that the education level is increased and it is also increased in girl’s education. The number of girls at the mid-school level is up 64%, at the metric or secondary level by 50% and at the senior secondary level by a bigger with 146%.

So now, we can say that the education system of India is growing up and women are also moving in it equally. It is good for the economy and bright future of India. The educational people should contribute for growing up the country and we hope it will be possible in India soon.

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