Cristiano Ronaldo Wife – Mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son – CR Jr.

Updates and details and the lastly available inputs regarding Cristiano Ronaldo Wife:

The best answer to the question that has been asked by millions that who is Cristiano Ronaldo Wife? Christiano Ronaldo has a girlfriend but no wife as he never got married. And no one in the world ever could know about the mother of Crtistiano Ronaldo Jr. except Ronaldo himself and his family members.

cristiano ronaldo wife

Cristiano Ronaldo Wife

A question similar to our query of “Cristiano Ronaldo wife” was asked on Quora with the title: “Who is the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s child?”

This thread related to “Cristiano Ronaldo wife” has got all the interesting known and unknown information about the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, Ronaldo had not married with his son’s mother, but it was just a one night stay.

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As quoted by Lopez on Quora:
“The mother of Cristiano ­Ronaldo’s baby is a ­penniless American waitress who the football star seduced with the line: “Me, you, f*** f***.”
But his chat-up line was so blunt, she didn’t understand it. So Ronaldo ­resorted to drawing a love heart on a misted-up window and said: “Me, you, kiss!””

So, this was the 2nd most upvoted answer which has got some basis to believe regarding our query of one night stay with a lady.

Utsav Malik, one more Quora user, told that Ronaldo paid her 10 m pounds upfront to keep her identity secret. What more, She is never allowed to have any contact with Ronaldo Jr.  

I don’t know what would be the answer of Ronaldo when his son would have been asking about his mother name or where is she? Cristiano Ronaldo wife name is a mystery after 6-7 years.

She was an English/American waitress whom Ronaldo had a one night stand with during his Manchester United days. After the one night stand, she realized that she was pregnant and tracked down Ronaldo via his agent Jorge Mendis. Ronaldo asked her to conduct DNA test, the results of which were positive.  She was a Catholic, so abortion was not an option and credit to Ronaldo he accepted that, took responsibility of Ronaldo Jr and announced it on FB.

Cristiano Ronaldo wife name is also not known to the world. Some reports on the Mirror newspaper were in light few years ago, which were something like a girl demands the possession of Cristiano Ronaldo son and she is the Cristiano Ronaldo wife. But no confirmation about the truth was found after that in her saying. She was just one of the publicity getter girl till we know.

Cristiano Ronaldo wife as per the Google is Shayk, which is his girlfriend as per the early year reports this year. Cristiano Ronaldo wife would be never be known to the world until and unless his son goes and meet her and uploads the pics on Insta. I believe a son’s heart would be ever wishing to see the lady who kept him in her womb for nine months. And I pray he will find a mother, Cristiano Ronaldo wife, one day for sure.

Go Champ. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Find the Cristiano Ronaldo wife, your mother.


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