Digital India: C-DOT to be launch Broadband Products In India

C-DOT to be launch broadband products by Digital India on 6 July 15:

An official statement said that C-DOT, the research and development institute of the department of telecommunications, will next week launch four broadband products developed to fast forward the Digital India initiative. The Broadband products include many services which will be launch in next week.

On July 6, as a part of the Digital India week, this will be launched by Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. The products, which includes long distance WiFi system, solar-powered WiFi system, 100 Gbps optical fibre cable (OFC) link and C-DOT’s next generation network (NGN) in MTNL network.

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"Digital India: Solar powered Wi-fi, 100Gbps OFC link and more to be launched by C-DOT on 6 July"

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The long distance WiFi system which is capable of extending WiFi and IP connectivity to the remote parts of India in a cost-effective and power-efficient manner, and is capable of providing 100 Mbps broadband speed, said C-DOT.

As per C-DOT, The solar-powered WiFi system operates in license-exempt bands of 2.4 and 5.8GHz, and for outdoor environments and inaccessible terrains is specifically design, where there is no guarantee for continuous power.

This system is designed to work with variable input voltages and in loud conditions. It can also be used for backhaul link for WiFi hot spots, cellular base stations and base station controllers, ATMs, and database servers.

While the 100 Gbps OFC link will accommodate the increasing demand for superior bandwidth, high speed and power efficiency, C-DOT’s cost-effective next generation network (NGN) solution addresses the need of the changing telecom scenario and enables telecom firms to make a smooth transition from legacy time division multiplexing (TDM) technology to advanced VoIP Telecom technology.

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C-DOT also said, we did successful trial of the developed live network has been done for 1,000 landline connections of the legacy public switched telephone network (PSTN) technologies to C-DOT’s IMS-compliant next generation network technology.

The successful trial will enable MTNL to think of launching various services (voice, video and data) through various access based network on IP. Also, it now possible to migrate its existing 3.5 million landline subscribers of MTNL to IP-based network, it added soon.

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