Earthquake in Gujarat Himatnagar 19 March 2015 (Confirmed)

Its confirmed that there was an earthquake in Himatnagar, Gujarat at around 3:17 PM on today 19th March 2015. It was of 3.1 on Richter Scale. 

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Today, Recently just few moments ago, a sudden rush happened out of my area and my family members also thought there was something uncommon, and I got call from my father about the same, he told that while he was sleeping there was a heavy sound like “bhadaam” and his sleep broken. When he saw out of the house many people were out of the homes and they were asking about the earthquake.

It may also be felt in major cities of Gujarat including Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, Jungadh, Kachh, we can’t assure about these cities right now, but we are 100% sure earthquake was there in Himatnagar and Idar today.

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The same earthquake is also felt at Idar city of Gujarat where our few relatives resides.

The earthquake was not the intense one but may be around 2 on Richter Scale.

The exact time when we faced the earth quake was around 3:17 PM.

Futher updates of Earthquake that came on 19th March 2015 will be updated here very soon.

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