Facebook is going to launch an online shopping festival in India

Facebook To Launch An Online Shopping Festival In India On Raksha Bandhan:

Online shopping festivals have become the very popular market in India. The number of e-commerce companies are driving the growth of online shopping in the country. So, Facebook is also thinking to turn in this as it has a huge database and can utilize it for commercial purpose.

The very popular social networking site “Facebook” has taken bounce to increase the interest and craze in India with the planning to start online shopping by launching a shopping festival with a name of “Tied Together”.

Facebook is going to start this thing on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan with media agency GroupM and will be setting up a website between the 12th to 29th August.

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Facebook would use its subscriber base and social networking platform to drive traffic to the shopping site. According to Facebook’s note, brands can “Unlock the power of social media that can reach 10 crore potential customers through this event.” The participating companies will have to pay fees.

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Facebook has around 11.2 crore users in India and looking for the sponsor at an asking rate of Rs 3 crore and a principal sponsor at a similar rate besides associate sponsors for Rs 1.5 crore each. People should think Facebook as the media vehicle.

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Last year in October, Google had caught a shopping festival in association with GroupM and Amazon with the name “Grand Diwali Mela”. Before this, Google launched “The Great Online Shopping Festival”. In July, Magicbricks joined hands with GruopM and Google to launch a property festival that will be called the great “Online Home Festival”. Companies like Google and Facebook charge advertisers on a “Per click”.

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