Free Wi-Fi In Delhi Colleges And In Villages By The End Of This Year: AAP

Updates for when will be free wi-fi available in Delhi ?:

As AAP Government had promised to give free WIFI to Delhities and this is good news for Internet users. The free WIFI facility will be available in Delhi’s colleges which is under Delhi University, and villages by the end of this year. It will be more useful to students who are studying in the Delhi colleges to receive free WI-FI facility and for villagers also get new experience to use WIFI internet. The aim for free WIFI facility providing to delhities is to get maximum benefit into their work and to increase knowledge skills.



The project of free WIFI is to be executed in colleges and around 300 villages area of the delhi residents in the first stage and set Rs 50 Crores for this project by AAP government.

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia told “By end of this year, we will complete to give free public WIFI at the first stage as per our plan but we expect it complete before the schedule. Also provide free government websites and limited access of other contents.”

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“Through this service, all government websites can be accessed anytime and we will set a limit of browsing for personal and entertainment websites,” CM added.

The AAP government of Information Technology department is in the action of setting up hotspots in the first phase of fulfillment. So hotspot users will also take use early.

Officials said that firstly they studied the existing system in cities like Barcelona, Stockholm, Shanghai and Singapore, to perfect setup of free WIFI. The AAP government purpose to set up 50,000 to 80,000 hotspots in the capital city to complete the project.

Mr. Sisodia, who is also Finance Minister said that “Our government is committed to provide the best WIFI facility to the Delhi people’s and there are different revenue things in the project will be taking into consideration.”

In Delhi Assembly polls time, the AAP had promised to make free WiFi available in public spaces across in Delhi, also said that we will provide best facility of free WIFI for people to take advantage of maximum.

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