Google List Shows PM Modi as ‘The Most Stupid Prime Minister’

Once again, Google pointed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a Most Stupid Prime Minister in the world. Before the past months, in google search had listed with the images of PM Modi in search of ‘Top 10 criminals in the world’, however now ranking in the Most Stupid Prime Minister display by google image search.

Indian citizen possibly accepts that Narendra Modi, is one of the best Prime Ministers of the country but Google totally thinks differently. The fact is now, Google consider Narendra Modi as one of the most stupid Prime Ministers in the world. This is the second time google targeted to PM Modi and it feels very disgusting and disturbing which will absolutely not agree with most of the Indians.

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THE MOST STUPID PRIME MINISTERThe list also includes Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Thailand’s Former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, and British Prime Minister David Cameron among others. It is not all Google’s fault as the search algorithm is based entirely on SEO related to the search query, however, last time Google accepted and did apology to fixed the issue.

india’s most stupid prime minister

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Not only that search ends, If you search ‘India’s most stupid prime minister’ on Google, then also the google image results shows the Modi’s pics. As Indians who elected with a huge majority and made PM to Narendra Modi, is considered one of the best prime ministers of India and now google thinks India’s most stupid prime minister.

How the functions of Google search works: 

Google navigates the web by crawling following links from one page to another. Google sorts the pages by their content and other factors and keeps track of it all in the index. As you search a particular word, the algorithms get to work looking for clues to understand better what you mean.

Based on these clues, Google pulls out relevant content from the index. It ranks the content using over 200 factors including the freshness of the content, site quality, page quality and even user context, like region and web history.

Now wait is about that will google again says apology for this second-time mistake as like did it before. Let’s see ahead and come back to know more about further in this topic, we will tell you.

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