Google Maps Update for Android, iOS Brings New Features

Google Maps Update for Android, iOS Brings New Features:

An ever use the search engine Google make it update in their Google Maps product. This update especially for Android and iOS users. The updated version 4.8.0 and version 9.1 for Android and iOS bringing into Google Maps. With a new features in Google Maps changes by google only for Android and iOS users. If are you using the Google Maps for your daily use then this is important to read ahead that what update happen now.

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The update for iOS introduces a new feature which will allow sharing location pins to Facebook and Messenger. On Android, users will now be able to share Maps and toggle a full-screen mode which removes unused items, like a search bar. The iOS update is already out, but you will have to wait a little more for the Android one.

On the Android side of things, the Google Maps v9.1 update allows users to remove unnecessary elements like the search bar or quick launch for directions, thereby making it easier to read with a single tap. A single tap once again brings those elements back again in an instant.

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Also, saved maps from My Maps can now be shared and you can also edit the captions of location tagged Google Photos listed in the Your Places menu.

The new deep-linking feature in the Google Maps for iOS update makes it easier to send a location pin or broadcast the location to friends, or a specific target group. The update also includes improved transit directions by offering even more choices for routes and real-time information of arrival (only in specific areas).

Additionally, there is a new image gallery for places which collates all the pictures from a particular location for you to peruse through them.

Recently, Google Maps added real-time traffic data for 12 new Indian cities. This traffic feature is available on both mobile and desktop versions of Google Maps. It helps a person to see real-time traffic conditions across a total of 34 cities in India now.

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