Gujarat To Implement Right To Time-Bound Services Act Soon

Gujarat To Implement Right To Time-Bound Services Act Soon:

On Wednesday, Gujarat government announced plans to implement the Gujarat (Right of Citizens to Public Services) Act 2013, which gives every citizen the right to time-bound delivery of public services. Before same like other rights were implemented for the benefit of Gujarat citizen and now plan to implement on Rights to Public Services for citizens.

The Gujarat Assembly was passed this Act in 2013 completely but never notified. Anyhow, since it was passed, the state government plans to issue a notification prescribing rules and regulations after a gap of two years. So, Gujarat government finally take the step to implement this Act for the citizen.

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Health Minister and spokesperson of Gujarat government Nitin Patel said,”This Act gives the right to every citizen of Gujarat to get time bound services and seek redressal of their grievances. The Act was passed in 2013, now, we will issue a notification in the coming days since we are in final stages of finalising the draft for rules.”

“There are hundreds of services, such as the issuance of driving license or ration card. We will cover some of the services and prescribe the time limit under which it has to be delivered by government official concerned. Later, we will cover all other services in a phased manner,” further said by Mr Patel.

He said the Act has provisions to take action against officers who fail to deliver the services to citizens within the prescribed time limit.

Further, the notification will also prescribe the fine to be imposed on officers found guilty of not providing services in time. This will be bind the officers to give proper services otherwise they have to pay the fine.

“In the notification, we will prescribe time limits for every service. This Act makes government officials more answerable since it empowers the government to take action against those who fail to deliver services in time,” Mr Patel said.

The Act also provides for the appointment of designated officers, grievance redressal officers as well as the constitution of the state appellate authority.

“The Act provides that if the relevant service is not provided within the prescribed time limit, then the aggrieved person can file a complaint before the grievance redressal officer and the appellate authority,” Mr Patel said.

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