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After iPhone 6, now having several questions and rumours on iPhone 7. Many on the internet are searching the real story behind the iPhone 7 release date, its price and specs. So today, we will share you the information regarding this iPhone 7. For an iPhone fan, the first question blink in the mind would be when will iPhone 7 release? Then which new features will they receive in new iPhone 7?  Fans also searching on it design and performance look. And many other speculations also come in this line, iPhone 7 will arrive with iPhone 6S. Scroll down to get the answers of this questions.

iPhone 7 Images (Unofficial)

Answers of all this questions or rumours, here we providing you everything details on iPhone 7, get it below:



The concept design of Apple oncept design of Apple iphone 7 is a slim 6.1mm body with a full HD display and an A10 chipset. The speakers will feature on both, the top and bottom of the handset. A 12MP rear camera, a front-facing 5MP sensor, a lightning port, sapphire glass display, 5GB of RAM and a much more are being supposed by the designer. find the below image about full features and specs of iphone 7:

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iPhone 7 concept


iPhone 7 concept (1)


iPhone 7 Release Date

Many looking for this answer to this million dollar question and am sure you will be wondering to get this answer. Well, as per reports, the iPhone 7 will be launched across the world in the third quarter of the year 2015. If you look on the pattern of Apple’s product lifecycle, it also shows to be true as the company releases its devices in the third quarter of every year. In the September 2015 event of Apple Inc. you can expect the iPhone 7’s official launch.

Though, we also note that to take on the competition and fast product cycles of Android phones, Apple may have to reconsider its release cycle of iPhones and change it to twice a year schedule.

iPhone 7 Price

With lots of new given features like power-packed processor, innovative apps, best ever under-the-hood specs and crisper display, iPhone 7 is going to be high-priced than all of its older siblings.  On an proportionate, you may close up anywhere between INR 55,000 and INR 75,000 to own this piece of technological beauty. We have no clues whether this pricing carry a contract fee or not. However, as Android smartphone market is taking control of world mobile phone market, we await from the California-based company to keep the prices competitive enough to attract the larger division as well as present an attractive purchasing proposal to fence sitters.

Update (24/06/2015) : As told by an avid iPhone user & fan, Mr. Anish Doi, we can expect the price of this masterpiece around 1,25,000 INR too. 

The height of rumours is going to much mad case with Apple. Also, we all know that the company always remains close secure about its upcoming devices and software updates, to the level that it signs a MOU with the employees who are testing these.

iPhone 7


iPhone 7 perform to be lighter, smarter, bigger and of course an undoubted smartphone than its predecessors. Meanwhile, let us all wait to get the first glimpse of Apple iPhone 7!

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