Jorge Sampaio & Helena Ndume became the First-ever Nelson Mandela Prize Winners

The United Nations Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Prize is an honorable award which is presented in the memory of Nelsom Mandela, the Mahatma Gandhi of South Africa. The Nelson Mandela International Day date is 18 July. It is presented once in every five years as a tribute to the outstanding achievements. This award has been distributed between one female and one male and they shall not be selected from the same geographic region.

The National Mandela Prize was originally established by General Assembly resolution 68/275 of 6 June 2014 and its Statute was approved by General Assembly resolution 69/269 of 2 April 2015. The aim of the Prize is to recognize the achievements of those who dedicated their lives to the service of humanity.

This year The National Mandela Prize was awarded to Jorge Sampaio in male and Dr. Helena Ndume in female on 24 July,2015 in New York. To know more about them go below and read the article.

image of sampaio and ndume

Jorge Sampaio

Jorge Sampaio was born on 18th September 1939 in Lisbon. His father was a medical doctor. The Sampaio family lived in the United States and the United Kingdom for some years. Jorge Sampaio has been completed his graduation in Law from Lisbon University in 1961. He was elected as head of the students in Union of Lisbon Law faculty. Jorge Sampaio was the former president of Portugal since 1996 to 2006 and also former mayor of Lisbon since 1989 to 1995. He has been awarded for his contribution to his country.

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image of jorge sampaio

Jorge Sampaio announced his wish to run for the presidency of the Republic in 1995. Luckily, he won the election of 14 January 1996 in the first round against Anibal Cavaco Silva and became president on 9 March. He was re-elected as President on 14 January 2001.

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Dr. Helena Ndume

image of Helena Ndume

Helena Ndume was born in Namibia. She studied medicine in Germany, before returning to Namibia in 1989. She later returned to Germany, to specialise in ophthalmology at the University of Leipzig. She completed her PhD in 1989 with the same University. She has been working for the treatment of blindness and eye-related illnesses, both in Namibia and throughout the developing world.

Many many congratulations to both the winners and best wishes to continue their noble work in the future too !!!

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