Pakistani women illegally entered in India to meet Salman Khan

Pakistani women entered into India, without legal documents, giving many reasons for entry, arrested by police.

A Pakistani woman, who said that she wanted to meet Bollywood actor Salman Khan, has been arrested for illegal entry in India through Attari border in Jalandhar, Punjab. She was entered into India without valid documents. Makhan Singh, a senior police officer of the Railways Police said, “A Pakistani woman traveling without the passport, visa and a ticket on Attari-Delhi special train no. 14002.”

image of Pakistani Woman Enters India Illegally to Meet Salman khan

Pakistani woman named Chanda Khan entered illegally in India to meet Salman Khan.

The 27-years-old Pakistani woman identified as Chanda Khan, she married to one Salman Khan in Karachi, Pakistan and gave many reasons for entering in India. Chanda first said that she was going to Delhi to pray for her son at a dargah, but later she said that she wanted to catch a glimpse of “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” actor Salman Khan.

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The actor has recently released blockbuster movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, which is rushing to cross 300-crore club in India, has also become hit in Pakistan. The first-day collection of Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan has broken the record of last year’s movie Kick. It also has broken the record of Aamir Khan’s PK movie. It is the superb movie is with the excellent concept, Salman Khan plays role of Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi (Bajrangi) as a loyal man with an unselfish spirit, who is devotee of Bajrangbali, helps to a six-years-old mute girl to reach her home from India to Pakistan.

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images of Pakistani woman cross the border to meet salman


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Mr. Singh said that “During the inquiry, the woman claimed that she went through checking at both Lahore and Attari. While the authorities at Attari said they had no information about Chanda Khan.”

The police has recovered 771 Pakistani rupees from her and has been arrested under sections 3/34, 20 of Indian Passport Act, which applies to the persons who are not citizen of India and though enter into the country without legal and valid documents.

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