How to Play Pokemon Go in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE for free

Updates and Tips for How to Play Pokemon Go Game online for free in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia & UAE :

Pokemon Go is a game released just a week ago by Nintendo which has broken all the record set by any game in the past, even it has over ranked the other industries by making huge profit. It’s worth to note that the game is officially launched in few countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Still the game has been downloaded by millions of gamers across the world from the online sources. Here we have shown how to play the Pokemon Go in India, how to play Pokemon go in Pakistan, how to play Pokemon Go in Saudi Arabic, how to play Pokemon Go in UAE online for free. We will update Tips Tricks Hacks Cheats for the game here very soon.

How to Play Pokemon Go in India

As I have unrooted iPhone, I could not play the game on my phone even I changed the App Store country, I could not download the game. So, then I turned toward my brother’s Android phone and I was able to download it’s APK from online site.

The procedure to play the game is just same for all over the world, so the below-given procedure for how to play Pokemon Go is a tut for all the countries beyond India, Pak, KSA or UAE. Our this tutorial is an excerpt from ndtv’s gadget 360 portal.

To Play it go outside

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At first we tried to play the Pokemon Go game in our home but we found only one Pokemon and the game just wouldn’t work properly no matter how stable the Internet connection or how many floors we climbed. So we head outside, plug in your headphones, look at the phone and you will start seeing Pokemon Gyms, Pokestops, and of course wild Pokemon. So, collect the Pokemon you got on the map.

We noted that the battery was draining faster. We had power bank so we didn’t tense and continued the awesome play.

So, the game is a lot of fun

So, at the other instance, my brother and his friend took a ride on the bike across our city, and he found many Pokemon and collected it and got exicted as all the up to date map of my city was being shown as it is and few water spots were there, and he found many pokemon in such blue water spots.

Walking around in the real world and catching wild Pokemon on your smartphone sounds like a terrible idea, but Nintendo’s execution is on point. These Pokemon are very cute, and the design of the cards is also done very well. The game has been designed nicely, with the focus strongly being on exploration.

There are no cluttered menus and the settings menu is minimal too – with options just for music, vibrations, and saving battery. Tapping the Pokeball on screen lets you see your Pokedex and personalise your Pokemon. So, in the final world we conclude that the interface works well for this game. It’s hard to explain the game’s appeal to those who haven’t played it, but you’ll find out if you play the game.


So, it’s just simple, if we say in one line, download the game, open it, get outside of your home and office and start collecting the Pokemon and then your level will go up and you will some cool new things.

Pokemon Go Game Images

Here are few snaps of Pokemon Go game from NDTV.

pokemon go game images

pokemon go game images

pokemon go game images


How to Play Pokemon Go in Pakistan

The procedure for how to play the Pokemon Go in Pakistan would also be the same as we mentioned above.

Just download from online websites, and follow the procedure above.

How to play Pokemon Go in UAE

As we said the procedure for playing the Pokemon Go across the globe is just same, so UAE is not an exception, you just need to download the Pokemon go game in your Android and start paying it. And follow our above simple guide to play it and collect the cute Pokemon.

How to Play Pokemon Go in Saudi Arabia

Download the game and start exploring out side in your CAR, yes I meant it, in CAR, because walking will make you tired, lol. And I know Saudis have multiple cars in their home.

So, just go and grab one and please take care while driving, take your driver with you and then you will love it.

Pokemon Go Game Tips Tricks Hacks Cheats

We will update Pokemon Go Game Tips Tricks Hacks Cheats here very soon. Leave a comment if you have some tips and tricks for Pokemon Go.

Stay tuned with us for more updates for how to play Pokemon Go in India, how to play Pokemon Go in Pakistan, how to play Pokemon Go in UAE, how to play Pokemon Go in Saudi Arabia online for free.


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