Schools suggest to reduce load of school bags for students

This is the major issue for students to take heavy bags to the school every day. Sometimes the weight of bags are too much, so students could not handle it. To solve this problem, schools suggest some suggestions which are given here.


In the issue of the lightweight of school bags, schools are to train parents and teachers to take some steps to reduce the children’s load. The committee has told schools to assure that the child’s bag weight should not more than 10% of his/her weight.

Now every school is following the semester system. So, there is also a planning of dividing every book in three parts for the each semester. The experts had found one reason for the bags to be heavy that was because students bring all their books to school every day And the main reason for that is the teachers often did not follow their timetable.

image of Children with schoolbags

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Students have to take many things in their school bags like textbooks, separate notebooks for classwork and homework, guide books and materials and also craft and drawing books. These all things are the reason for the weight of the bags. They also bring lunch box so it also adding the weight.

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), says that the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005 had featured on reducing load from school bags. NCERT claimed to have only two text books for class I and II while three books for students from class III to V. So there are only three books for the students up to class V. This suggestions have been sent to all government and private schools.

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