Shivraj Singh expresses sorrow for train accident

Twenty-nine people were killed as two express trains derailed within minutes of each other on flooded tracks while crossing a railway bridge in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh in the dead of night at around 1130 pm last night.

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Shivraj Singh expresses sorrow for train accident:

Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the chief minister has expressed his sorrow about the rail accident in Harda said that he was informed about the accident at around the midnight. He also said that he visited the accident site and found that the accident happened because of heavy rain and total 28 bodies have been recovered from the place.

Shivraj Singh added that “We sent teams from nearby districts like Khandwa, Hoshangabad and Harda and I personally spoke to the district collectors to start relief measures at the accident place. The chief minister also said, he also spoke to PM Narendra Modi and railway minister Suresh Prabhu in the morning and told him about the situation and told to take some action to relief by the state government.Shivraj Singh Chauhan imageShivraj Singh announced Rs 2 lakh to the family of died person, Rs 50,000 for those who were injured badly and Rs 10,000 who were minor injured. He also visited the accident site to save the people and said that only 11 people from the died have been identified.

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The dead bodies of those people who have been identified will be sent to their family and the bodies which are not identified are being taken to Bhopal to preserved them till they are identified. They are also uploading the pictures of those bodies which are not identified on government website so that, their family members should identify them and take the body from Bhopal.

Shivraj Singh said about the people who helped the injured that, “The people of nearby five villages named Parkhi, Baranga, Nimsarai, Amla and Khodawa have put worthy efforts and helped the injured members and also helped their family members in rescue works. So, these villagers will be felicitated on 15 August 2015.

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