WhatsApp free voice calling: Now available in Windows Phone

WhatsApp free voice calling is finally available in Windows Phone. The calling feature in WhatsApp is available in the version 2.12.60 and it will work on the device running Window Phone 8 and above.

WhatsApp calling facility was available in Android, iOS and Blackberry few months ago. Now it is also available in Windows phones. WhatsApp free voice calling facility allows users to call another WhatsApp user for free. It is similar to regular calling. In this calling, the call records saved automatically. This call facility consumes network data and it provides the best result when two users are on wifi.



During a WhatsApp voice call, if the user gets a regular call on his smartphone, then the WhatsApp call runs in the background for a few seconds and gets disconnected on its own.

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Download WhatsApp for Windows with Calling facility

The WhatsApp has added the WhatsApp free voice calling facility in the Windows Phone software too and you can download WhatsApp for Windows from here for free.

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