Booking for Freedom251 @ & Tips to Buy Freedom 251 Online, Payment Details

Updates and information of booking:

The booking at has started from 6 mornings already but the problem is that people are not able to proceed beyond address page, millions of Indian who are trying to buy the phone from online are stuck at this error, this seems a server error at first sight.

From here y0u can get the guide of Booking Buy Online Error Tricks Tips, 251rs mobile phone freedome251 online, buying error. The error at is still continued right now.

Update: Website is up and people are able to book the phone.

There are no other ways to book this phone other than from booking online for free worth price of Rs 251. The hundred thousands of users are already annoyed with this error of page stuck at address page.

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Users are also complaining that booking is a refresh page at address page when you enter the address and click pay now, nothing happens and the site keeps loading and shows the same page again and again.

The error of such at booking happens when some backend code has issues with the database that connect with the address and paying page.

Freedom Booking

The millions of Indian users already registered for the online on their website.

How to pay for freedom 251

Many registered for the phone but many of them have not get the email regarding payment, and these peoples are now searching for how to pay for freedom 251 online. so we have gathered some details from the net regarding how to pay for freedom 251.

The company told in a post on their page that they have started sending email to first 25,00,000 subscribers. So, if you had registered in this slot of 25 lakhs, then you should expect a mail from them.

Kindly keep checking the email for the updates and details for how to pay for freedome251.

Other users who got no success in buying the freedom 251 can stay tune with our site for the updates for freedom251 buying online and payment for the same.

The process mentioned here under would be same for future dates when the freedom 251 next booking will start.

So, if the error is showing you when you are on the page of booking, then you are not alone, millions of freebies Indians are doing the same thing and are unable to go beyond that page anyhow till 9 00 am today on the 18th Feb 2016.

  • Go to:,
  • click on buy now,
  • enter your address,
  • click pay now and done.

Keep checking our this page for the updates of booking, we assure to update this page when the booking of booking are started again.

Stay tuned with us for the further  updates of booking.

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Stay tuned with us for the updates for and for buying freedom 251 online with Rs 251. The payment details would be available if you got the mail from them, so kindly check the email for the details for the payment for freedom 251.

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