Your selfie will verify online payments soon with MasterCard app

Now a days, users can set up something called “SecureCode,” which requires a password when shopping online. But, passwords can be forgotten, stolen, or blocked. So, here a new application named “MasterCard phone app” is found in the solution of this thing.

MasterCard selfie technology app:

Ajay Bhalla, the security expert at the American financial services company MasterCard told: “The new generation, which is into selfies…I think they’ll find this thing as cool.”

In lieu of using traditional credit card machines for business, MasterCard is experimenting with a smartphone app which allows people to confirm their identity and authenticate online transactions via a facial scan. Users will have to download the MasterCard phone app and at checkout they will be asked to hold up their phone to stare and blink at it.

MasterCard app image

MasterCard said it has co-worked with every smartphone maker to make this method of confirmation possible. MasterCard said a pop-up will ask for authorisation after people buy something. They can choose fingerprint or facial recognition. Users who choose facial recognition have to look at the phone and blink once.

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mastercard selfie technology image

MasterCard’s security researchers believe blinking is the best way to stop a thief from just holding up a picture of a person and fooling the system. MasterCard said it does not actually get a picture of the user’s finger or face. All fingerprint scans will create a code that stays on the device.

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It is really the very amazing application. People should try this app. And we think they would love it. Because it has wonderful features and it will be very useful for people.

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